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Penny Stocks? Why Not!


Why should penny stocks be just for the amateur investors when there’s lucrative profits to be bargained? There are great opportunities for big pay-outs due to poorly timed IPO’s, strategic stock splits and weakness in the commodities market. If you find the right penny stock companies and combine that with the right set of circumstances, you might be earning yourself a pretty penny in no time. Yes, there’s risk of course but if you select the best penny stocks and couple that with some smart strategies, you can minimise the dangers and up the rewards.

Here are 3 you might be interested in:

           Mid-Con Energy Partners (MCEP)

MCEP is an upstream oil and natural gas producer in Oklahoma. Its success is dependent on oil prices since its primary function is exploration and production. Recently oil prices have been their highest since 2014, when MCEP and other companies slumped as interests were hit hard. By December 2016, the firm found itself on the penny stock list, trading as low as 73 cents per share. Now, its share prices are cresting the dollar line at $1.75 per share. As a whole, the company is declining but it does experience increases in revenues. This is a speculative stock because it might be affected by higher crude prices which could see the firm’s stock value to hit all-time highs – it’s unclear but an interesting investment to peer into nonetheless.

            AK Steel Holding Corporation (AKS)

The steel industry isn’t a steady one, it’s volatile and is prone to fluctuations owing to the shifts in supply and demand. These changes make it difficult for companies like AK Steel Holding Corporation to navigate towards profit. This is a very affordable stock and has been from its conception, because the company hasn’t moved much in 15 years. It’s not the most sound investment, currently down from $5.80 per share to $5.18, there is a lack of confidence from investors and rightfully so. However, the current US government are trying to make domestic steel companies more competitive compared to their international rivals. The global economy is also shifting positively which could indicate a big win for companies like AKS. Earnings and revenue are expected to grow year on year which might mean a handsome profit for investors.

Zynga Inc. (ZNGA)

This is the firm behind some of the most popular online games such as Farmville and Words With Friends. Originally expected to be a gigantic, it was struck hard by Facebook’s exclusivity arrangement in 2012 which left its stock price dwindling under $5 per share. The rebound is still on the horizon, however. The CEO and founder gave up control of the company which some are suggesting is a signal for the tides turning.


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